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Brunswick Yellow: 2 layer print of the captivating Brunswick Centre near Russell Square in London.

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Support Ukraine linocut

Created in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Putin.
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Leave Me Hanging is me, Zoe Cloke. 

Hand drawn or carved, digitally created or captured in a photograph.

The medium may change, but I like to tell a story in everything I create. I enjoy taking a moment in life and find a way to capture and share the story of the moment. I work mainly in linocut printmaking, digital giclee prints and photography. Work often starts as a sketch or a photograph and then makes its way into it's final form eventually - this can take me months! 

I sell a mix of limited and open edition work and hope to provide access to opening art to all. I work from my home studio and love being surrounded by prints drying on the rack as I draw up more stories.
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